~love it~

~love it~
~love it!~

Sunday, February 23, 2014

I've such a great moments with my friends last weekend
and I'm in green with envy because Mat Luthfi came to my ex school without telling me!
*aku ni sapa dia nak abaq lawl*

Today's article- DISEASE!

It's maybe not harmful (I guess)
But unfortunately my legs will not be as sexy it was
I'm not going to tell you what is it because I don't like sympathetic (sympathy + pathetic) 
and it don't kills me ( God sure did kills me)

My birthday is getting closer day by day
Usually people would say:
"getting old huh?" -pokes- ;)
uhh... --"
But there are words that chills until my bone that is
"hey, usually people would die before their birthday or on their birthday"
It does freaking me out
I can't even sleep in the middle of the night ;-;
-yeah right I was even dreamed of Bruno Mars-
I wish he could sing in front of me (so sweet)
That's all I would ask from him ;)
I gotta go
See ya next time!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Harapan menjadi layuuuu~

Recently I struggling want to dream about meet Rasulullah
Ofc, everyone wants to meet him (orang kapiaq x tau lah den)
Let me tell you the chronology:

1st.day want to dream about the Prophet

I closed the lights.
But I opened the Youtube at my phone (telepon cikai ja)
I watch about general facts
Once I clicked this video
The horror sound echoing at my ear
aku kinda pantang dengor bunyi menakutkan kat telinga dalam bilik 
gelap and waktu malam
I was frustrated closing the Youtube (pressed it many times!)
I can't close my eyes
Then I was thinking about our Prophet Muhammad
Think about him! Think about him!
At the end I dreamed of losing my phone = =

Day 2!

I closed the lights. I think about Muhammad again. I doze off
I dreamed about getting money
20,000 was inserted in the bank ( Tabung Haji)
I think because I wanna perform Haji since I was little lah kowd
Finally I woke up without getting any cents or have a chance to meet Rasulullah ;-;


It's so hard to dreamed about Muhammad, especially if you don't even think about him or
Ulama' once said: If you want to dreamed of him (Rasulullah), you have to think about him before you go to sleep.
My bro once said to me: "ulama' ja yang boleh mimpi jumpa dia. Hang tak payah
nak berangan sangat laa"
But impossible is nothing right?
If you really want to dream meeting Rasulullah just like me,
good luck!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Luahan Hati Pelajar Yang Tak Seberapa Ni Ha

(amboi garangnya)
Here I am wanna tell everyone about my problems nowadays
Here's the nightmare~
My Crisis
Well everyone in Malaysia will (or) have to study in high schools
Standard school hours: 7.30 a.m-1.35 p.m
Well its more or less than 6 hours rite?
The main problem is...
My school teacher gave me a lot of homeworks
I came home about 3.00 p.m cause my class is so special (kelas agama lawl)
Of course, chill out dulu
When it comes to night I will start doing homework
for about 8 p.m until 12 a.m
I have to sleep late and wake up early
4.15 a.m onwards 
My math teacher (and my add math teacher) give me a lot of homework
Each of the subject takes 4-5 hours to being finished (well I'm not genius oh God save me)
I didn't have time to finished all of it I have other homeworks to do
And if I don't step out from my room after came back from school 
just to make my homework
of course I will not spending my time with my family
It's kinda unfair rite?
After I end my school of course I will ended up busy at the university
Ini jelah masa nak spend masa dengan family
Jarang dah nak pi masjid semata2 homework yang banyak tuh :c
Covering it with tahajjjud doesn't enough
We have to get some tarbiyah rite?
That's all for now

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Peace Be Upon You ^^
Hye! As you know, It's already 2014. I saw many posts in the Facebook, Twitter or another social network about The New Year Resolution. In malay they call it 'azam tahun baru'. Do you have?
Honestly, I don't have new resolutions.
Seriously I didn't get time for that
Belum kaya dah berlagak sibuk. Pshhh~
Lol bukan apa, at that time I was freakin' busy preparing things to change my school.
But still, I was online in facebook :p
This year, my teachers gave me tonnes of schoolwork.
Doing this, doing that. Blahblahblah~
And I became an angel in this school. *blinkblink*
I'm not having the chemistry yet between my new classmates and I quite heavenly behave in the class.
But the worst thing is...
I'm not a sponge that could memorize anything quickly but she mad with me
when I couldn't memorize the arabic words :'c
But still, she's my teacher. I won't against my teacher as long as she doesn't break the God's Law.
Maybe that's for now. Hope you enjoy reading this.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Woi, hang hempok dia sampai nak mampoih buat apa!?

Yeah, that's my reaction when watching drama, especially when there's nobody in this house. I love watching love stories alone, so I could smile like 'kerang busuk' or whatever and nobody could tease me. Awrawrawr!

It's funny when Blackie (my cat) followed my mom to her workplace! Well, he jumped in to the car while my mom having some chat with my neighbor. She actually knows that he's in that car but she forgot bout that until he meowed to her at the halfway to the office. Yeah I know he's great, thank you 2x *bows*

10 more days before schools back but I didn't prepare anything. Havoc 2x *dancing*
hahaha (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

Next year is SPM, I'm still playing around like a kid
Yep, I sat on a trolley while my aunt pushed it at the airport yesterday. All eyes on me
*walk and wave like Queen Elizabeth*

Before I go, all compliments to the students that made it in PMR yaaay!
*throw confetti* ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

Take care. Bye!
Assalamualaikum! (*^▽^*)

p/s: harap2 ada orang nak tolong aku kumpui duit sket nak beli iphone. Hp lama dah uzoq :c

Thursday, December 5, 2013


There! Im freeing myself from pink. Heck yeah. I have a dream and if I want to proceed it takes sacrifice (not commit slaughter ofc geez). Im afraid leaving them. But I have to. Maybe. I really have to do it. Sorry guys..
 Next one, good news. My sister already married. Its fine, until my sister always stick with him like glue. Ridiculous! I'm feeling like I wanna ROAR at them! Of course, beatin' Katy.
 By the way, Heart Attack by Enrique is the best. He's really badass. Guess like I have to buy a guitar. Hehehehe.
 Well my language sucks. Gonna catch some great words in the net and apply it in my blog.
 This holiday is not what I'm expect to be. *sigh* . I put my weight (three days in a row eating cheese), sleep a lot, and lack of exercise (I'm lazy) . Well at least I'm still fit in my dress aha!
 Well I'm feeling sleepy rite now. Take care guys! And check out for some new songs in Google. It's the best. Bye!

Monday, June 3, 2013

*yawn* D'x
... still ngantuk btw ^^>...

Eh! Assalamualaikum (:
Tak jawab berdosa >:o
-ayat budak2-

Im back again ^^/

Boringnya duduk rumah
(I wonder how it feels like to be a housewife =.=)
Tapi takpaaaa...
Hari ni nk gi Yan (area2 gunung jerai lah idk)
Tapi takut jugak nk gi
bukan hantu yang nak ditakutkan..
Well semua org tau sekarang ni byk penyakit kencing tikuih ni ceq jadi seghiau
So xleh mandi sungai T.T

Haih menguap banyak kali aih =="

So yesterday.. Ada org kacau ketenteraman ceq
I dont like people who talk about my past memories
Dont make mess with me I tell you

And also yesterday few ppl was making me very proud
p/s: I really hope that they will realisasikan their dreams. Amiiin (:

Setiap perkara yang berlaku ada hikmahnya
Ustaz tu cerita best, rugi hangpa x tgk
-org bangon awai mcm ceq ja yg tgk :p-

thats all for now
POst ni jadi x menarik sbb xdak idea klu blogging pagi2 xD
Bye ^^